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Yi Jiang Nan 憶江南

「憶江南」主打上海、北京和四川菜。大廚於巴西為首富創作佳肴,接待城中名人包括麥當娜,Katy Perry,Celine Dion,球王比利及朗拿度等。




還有「憶江南」的自家創作 — 叫化雞和玫瑰薰香雞。叫化雞塗泥煨烤,炸燒味入口酥爛肥嫩;玫瑰雞薰香撲鼻,濃郁可口,彰顯「憶江南」的美食質素。




"Yi Jiang Nan" is an authentic Chinese restaurant decorated with antique furniture with dim lighting. The wooden door is from Qing Dynasty. The word “Blessing” and the golden fish painted on the wall make a wonderful backdrop for furniture and a warm feel to the atmosphere.


At Yi Jiang Nan, you can taste authentic Shanghai, Beijing and Sichuan food.  Signature dishes include Deep Fried Gigot, Traditional Crispy Mutton, Beef Bone wrapped with Lotus Leaf, Fire Dargon (Mandarin Fish in Chili sauce), Begger Chicken, Rose Chicken and Fried Kale with Egg Yolk etc


Our chef worked as Head Chef in renowned Chinese restaurants in HK and the only fine dining restaurant in Rio de Janeiro for the richest man in Brazil. He has served numerous celebrities, sport stars and business executives, such as, Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Madonna, Prince of Spain, soccer legend Pele, Ronald and Romário etc.


 “Yi” means “remember” or “think of”. We provide you sincere service and a memorable dining experience. We are looking forward to seeing you here!

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